The Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award recognizes the student member most responsible for an extraordinary accomplishment associated with student activities in each region of IEEE. It focuses on acknowledging the value of a student member who shows a pattern of dedication and ongoing service to a student branch.

To be eligible for application, the nominee must be a student member of IEEE at the time of the accomplishment. The current Regional Student Representative is ineligible. A Branch Counsellor, Section Chair, Section SAC, or other IEEE Volunteers must nominate the student member. A nominee cannot self-nominate. The deadline for application is 31st March of each year.

Here are the steps you should follow when applying for the award:

  • Choose a nominator who is willing to nominate you and submit the application for you.
  • In the application portal, the nominator should first enter the details of the nominee and the nominator.
  • Then answers to some questions are entered in the form of essays. The first essay should describe the primary accomplishment for which the nominee. The three articles that follow should detail the crucial achievements of the nominee. The last article should list the volunteer roles served by the nominee within IEEE. Note that each answer has a word limit of 300 words.
  • Along with the essays, you are supposed to attach an IEEE Profile. It is very similar to a resume and is crucial for an award application. It should contain basic information on the roles served, a list of activities organized and participated in, awards and scholarships won, a list of initiatives or activities with descriptions, images, and impact information. The profile should be a maximum of 10 pages.
  • The nominator must then enter the full name and email id of the endorsers. The endorsers will receive a request email directing them to submit an endorsement. Make sure that they are informed beforehand regarding the same.

Some tips to remember while applying for the award:

  • Using an IEEE email id while applying is an advantage.
  • Make sure that no essay is left empty
  • Give an introduction in your IEEE Profile about yourself. Make sure to write it in the third person. Also, add a collage of images that shows your involvement in different activities and events mentioned. Try to limit both of these to the first page.
  • Ensure that the endorsers are people you have worked with rather than other senior members.