The Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award recognizes the student member most responsible for an extraordinary accomplishment associated with student activities in each region of IEEE. It focuses on acknowledging the value of a student member who shows a pattern of dedication and ongoing service to a student branch.

The Darell Chong Student Activity Award

The Darell Chong student activity award serves to change the mindset of our student groups, from being number-driven to becoming value-driven, and to acknowledge exemplary student activities around the world. The goal is to improve the quality of activities and to foster knowledge sharing among students. The initiative is targeted at improving student-membership growth and retention. This will encourage and motivate students to continue to innovate and implement meaningful ideas.

IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award

Award for the exceptional and dedicated efforts of Student Branch Counsellors and Branch Chapter Advisors. The Member and Geographic Activities and Technical Activities Boards sponsor the cash award to maximum of 20 Outstanding Counsellors and Advisors around the world. Winners will be those individuals who, through their work as Counsellors and Advisors, exemplify the Institute’s commitment to the educational, personal, professional, and technical development of students in IEEE related fields of interest.

IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Awards

Student Branches are pivotal in the growth and maintenance of IEEE student members. Each year, they put in extraordinary effort for the benefit of the ever-growing student community. To recognize their outstanding efforts, IEEE has instituted four Student Awards: Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award, IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award, The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award and IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award.