Sarath S


A Journey of IEEE Volunteerism: My Path to Success

As an Application Development Associate at Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd and an active IEEE volunteer, I have had the opportunity to hold leadership positions at various levels, including section, council, and global. My passion for technology and education led me to initiate numerous projects and events that provide hands-on experience to hundreds of students in different technologies.

My journey as an IEEE volunteer started in my college days, where I actively participated in various events and activities organized by my IEEE student branch. Being a part of the student branch, I realized the potential that IEEE has in shaping students' technical skills and providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. During my tenure, we organized various events, workshops, and technical competitions that provided valuable learning opportunities to the students. It was a rewarding experience to see the students gain confidence and excel in their technical skills.

My hard work and dedication were recognized when I was awarded the Outstanding Membership Development Volunteer Award Malabar Sub Section 2019 for bringing 200+ new members into IEEE in my Student Branch. This recognition motivated me to push myself further and take up leadership roles at different levels.

One of my most significant achievements was being part of the Core Committee of AKIASSC’19. This event was my first outside of the Student Branch and gave me the opportunity to interact with various IEEE senior members and industrial experts. This experience taught me many valuable lessons that became a stepping stone in my future IEEE growth. As an IEEE volunteer, I have excellent time management and networking skills, and I always strive to bring new initiatives to promote quality education and achieve UN SDG Goal 4.

Through my contributions towards R10, global, section, and council in the form of projects, events, and volunteering, I have organized technically worthy events and delivered them to multiple audiences. During this time, I was invited to be part of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter Professional Execom, where I formed a Student Leadership Team and became Student Activities Chair for that year. As a core team member, I worked on several funded projects, including the Lights for Uplifting Mankind(LUMEN), Rural Students Technical Enhancement Program(RSTEP), Sustainable Technology and Renewable Energy for Adaptive Management of Disasters(STREAM-D), STEAM for Social Good, and Membership Activities and Technical Training(MATT). Through these projects, I aimed to provide disaster management training, promote gender equality in STEM, and enhance technical skills among IEEE members.

I am delighted to have been awarded the 2022 IEEE R10 Outstanding Student Activities Volunteer Award, recognizing my efforts and dedication towards society. This recognition was a testament to the hard work and commitment that I had put in to create a positive impact on society. During this time, I was also invited to be part of IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter Professional Execom, where I formed a YP Team and became YP & Student Activities Chair for that year. Through continuous effort, our team managed to secure a total of around $ 18000 that year, which included event and project funding. In recognition of my contributions, I was awarded the 2022 IEEE SPS Meritorious Regional/Chapter Service Award, and I have been invited to the ICASSP’23, the flagship conference of IEEE SPS happening in Greece during the month of June, by providing a travel grant.

One of my most significant accomplishments was initiating an event called Ignite Imaginations and Inspire Iconic Innovations (i5), jointly organized by five section chapters and five leading companies. Understanding the student's needs and the facilities that I lacked when I was a student, I organized this event to provide students with the tools and resources to foster their innovation and imagination. The event was fully funded and awarded the IEEE Kerala Section 2022 Outstanding Student Event Award, proving its success and output to the students.

For those interested in applying for awards, my advice would be to identify your strengths, focus on your goals, and contribute to society selflessly. It is also essential to be proactive and continuously seek new opportunities to improve yourself and the world around you.